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         Driven by both integrity and passion, Trella Night is a Vancouver BC-based hip-hop artist, entrepreneur, and creative producer who has been proactively chasing the entertainment industry since 2016. Entailing enriching soundscapes that influence beyond just the ears, Trella Night holds an extensive history creating mold-breaking content that leaves audiences interested for more. And being an artist who has to start from scratch twice, enjoys proving that even when dealt a weak hand of cards, you can still end up winning the game if you play your cards right. 


        Born in 1999 and raised by a family of stage actors and musicians, it inevitably became the catalyst for Trella Night to follow in similar creative footsteps. Beginning his early career as a stage actor and making home movies at the age of 9, Trella Night soon branched into his innate passion for hip hop, proactively producing and recording music starting in 2016. During this time, Trella Night released his first project in 2017 under the stage name Hanz, followed by another in 2018 and yet again in 2019. But that progressive reign came burning down when Trella Night’s laptop filled with his music and work got stolen in 2019 during travel performing. Though forced to start back again from square one, Trella Night took this unforeseen circumstance as an opportunity to redirect his music down a different path – creating content that doesn't just follow common hip hop standards, but fiercely shakes them. 


        With this as his new base, Trella Night pursued a new vision, quickly sparking the pursuit of a debut project under the name “The Minds, The Monster” (TMTM). Despite zero online presence, Trella Night continues to push forward to transform the project idea into a reality. This entailed years of work blending old skills with new ones, including learning CG/3D Animation, as well as

gaming / community development as the Co-Founder of UPCRIB. Fast forward to today, Trella Night has since written and recorded over 150 songs in preparation for TMTM, built his own production team, and has slated TMTM to be released by 2024. More impressively, did so all before the age of 23. 


        As an artist bringing a new vibe to the hip-hop scene, Trella Night enjoys every moment of delivering statement-making productions that ultimately provoke new levels of emotional influence and invested attraction. Overall, he has a genuine appreciation for creating darkened yet soul-fueling music that paints storytelling pictures and demonstrates that through his persevering efforts despite the many roadblocks faced along the way. This, along with his compelling tones and sound ambiance, is what will have led to Trella Night’s growth within the entertainment industry not once, but twice - making it quite exciting to see what new, neoteric drop he will launch next.

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