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What is UCRP?


UCRP offers a truly immersive world for users. Running on a modded version of GTA V's game engine also known as 'FiveM', the possibilities are endless for what can be implemented.


Unlike the majority of servers that are based solely in Los Angeles, UCRP stands out by featuring four additional cities - New York, Miami, San Francisco, and Las Vegas - all interconnected for an unparalleled and unique gaming experience.

Double the space.

...and ammenities

Custom Clothing

How To Join

Step One: Download FiveM

Step Two: Search "UpCrib" 

Step Three: Connect to "UpCrib" 

Welcomes you!

**Before starting, have GTA V installed on your PC via Steam.** 

Visit and download the most recent FiveM client. Opening FiveM for the first time will prompt you to locate your GTAV.exe file. 


After completing you may proceed to the next step.

While in the FiveM client, select the server list and search our server "UPCRIB".

If you cannot see the server in the server list:


Check the ⁠🔘-server-status channel in our discord. If the server seems to be functioning. You can manually connect by
opening the console (Press F8) in FiveM and typing in the following:

==> "connect"

Next, proceed to join our server. You will have to go through a one-time process of registering your character. After that, you will have full access to the server.

Unlocking Hidden UCRP Discord Section:

To view the rest of the Discord related to UCRP, you must have the "UCRP Verified" Role. You must read and agree to the ⁠channel 🧾-rules to receive the role.

Looking forward to seeing you in the city!

Want to join our staff?

Applicants must provide their age and previous experience in server managing. If approved you will receive a scheduled interview in a follow up email.

Enquire Now, we will respond shortly.

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Thank You!

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