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Ulycess Debuts His Hip-Hop EP "NEXT LOVE"

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Gen Z Musician Spent His Time During Pandemic Recording A Melodic Rap EP: 20 Year Old Artist, Ulycess Releases His First EP

Vancouver B.C, April 14, 2021 — This pandemic has brought a lot of people down, including their creativity, but for Ulycess quarantine meant more time to spend in the studio. Just as Covid-19 began he parted ways with his ex due to their separate paths and hopes for the future. Ulycess then had a spark in his heart to create a compassionate and inventive Hip-Hop EP “NEXT LOVE”

Ulycess, whose real name is Tai Simmons, said “I dove deep into the ups and downs of my past relationships and wanted to recreate and embody my experiences with love” Whether it was in the past or during these tough times, he hoped to reach and inspire others who felt just like him. “Falling in love could be your uprising, or could be your downfall,” Ulycess quotes, he has no regrets and believes that everything happens for a reason, taught by his mother from a young age. If it wasn't for his past relationships he wouldn't be the person/artist he is today.

“From being surrounded by friends everyday and staying social to being completely cut off from society sucks, when it actually hit me was when I was out grocery shopping, felt like I was in a middle of a zombie apocalypse,” Ulycess explains how the butterfly effect of this pandemic took a place for the better. “So me and my two colleagues/friends seized the moment and decided to move to the suburbs of Vancouver B.C, in hopes for a better opportunity and to find like-minded people in this industry” Music was on the side for the team at first, but a little flickering light twinkled at the end of the tunnel and they went for it. Leading to the beginning of their company “Up Crib," “The name Up Crib cultivated in our minds as a way to teach people no matter where you stand in life things can only go up from there, a higher and better version of yourself waiting above” Described from the team.

Ulycess mixed, mastered and wrote the entire EP, he made up his own sound and melodies from simple YouTube tutorials with little to no musical background. He is a man of many traits, self- taught and has had the drive since a young age. He features 7 of his favourite producers and has tracks ranging from club bangers you would play in the car with your best friends to ambient-trap songs you would just want to sit alone and immerse yourself into. Early influences who inspired him are Lauryn Hill, OutKast, Kid Cudi to more recent artists like Bryson Tiller, Tory Lanez and Lil Skies. He has used this quarantine time and has tapped into his craft, this 2021 Ulycess will showcase what he is worth and put on for his city no matter what. Everything happens for a reason, consistency is key for this young up and coming Hip-Hop artist.

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