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Ulycess Releases His New Single "What You Know"

Brand New Single For the New Year From Canadian Indie Artist: 21 Year Old, Ulycess Releases New Single

Vancouver B.C, January 14, 2022 — A majority of us have felt alone in this current pandemic and this relates to the cold stormy cover I have created, in which is tied into to our city, "Rain-couver" but also aligns with my belief where one does not succeed without moving up.

The beginning process of making this song was mostly experimental, it was just another day in the studio. I began to record and freestyle over various beats but had eventually rounded it down to one, I ended up liking a certain something about this cadence. The recording session didn't take long to begin, I chose not to write but to merely go off my thoughts in the current moment. Recording bar for bar and flowing through melodies the narrative was finally set. With the unfortunate arrival of the pandemic and the separation of one another, a heavy cloud was brought upon certain individuals including myself. Lonely and cold thoughts officially spread worldwide but I knew I wasn’t the only one, keeping my head up with nothing but good intentions whilst we got pushed further and further apart I continued to search for the answer to my question. The cold melodic bounce of “What You Know” portrays the current view of my reality and I hope to reach others to let them know that they are not alone...

Finally I have come to the realization that we all lack something deep down, we are all missing one piece, the final piece to my puzzling question and that is connection.

"What You Know" Mixed, Mastered, Recorded & Written by Myself

Produced by Gibbo

Out Now

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